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5 doors you can open with CIMA

Your school days are behind you and the future is yours for the taking. It's time to consider options. With CIMA, you get opportunities that connect you with the movers and shakers in the world of business and finance. Doors open that you never knew…
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How to meet the right people in business and finance

How do you build a professional network when society is experiencing such dramatic disruptions? Good question. CIMA provides the community you need to make valuable connections as you enter the job market.
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How to ready your CV for a career change

Considering transitioning into a new role? Step one is to get your CV shining. CIMA shows you how to use your experience to your advantage, adopt a future-ready mindset and make a big impact in finance.
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The flexible and fast track to supercharge your career

Your ambition got you this far. Now it’s time to step up to the dream job and dream salary. What’s holding you back?
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Guest blog: How to achieve a CIMA exam pass the first time

The most comprehensive list of tips for achieving a pass first time!
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How to secure a place on a graduate scheme

Are you thinking about applying for grad schemes and are concerned about just how competitive it might be? These tips will help you to stand out from the crowd.
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The 10 vital skills you will need for the future of work

Since we’re in the midst of the transformative impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the time is now to start preparing for the future of work. Even just five years from now, more than one-third of the skills we believe are essential for today's…
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How to create a standout CV

The humble curriculum vitae has come a long way since Leonardo da Vinci reportedly prepared the first one more than 500 years ago.
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Finding a job that suits you

Searching for a new job shouldn’t always be about chasing a pay rise or the next step on the ladder. Your search should be toward finding a role that you love; providing a challenge and progression opportunities. In order to find a role that delivers…
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How to find your most productive time of day

There are “night owls” who do their best work late at night and “morning larks” who perform best in the early hours of the day.
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