"CIMA has been a key that’s unlocked doors for me. It adds some more weight behind you, making it easier to appoint you to a senior role.”
John Kennedy, UK and International Commercial Finance Manager at BrewDog

4 reasons to become a CGMA

1 Develop a globally in-demand career

Those four letters are recognised all over the world, across all sectors. Businesses everywhere need the knowledge and skills that management accountants bring. You’re guaranteed that your qualification will open doors to challenging, fast-paced, rewarding roles. 

1 Unleash your potential

Set your sights high. Even higher than that. As a CGMA, the career opportunities really are as open-ended as you want them to be. The skills you learn will help you take on whatever challenge you want, whether that’s a business Partner, CFO, CEO and everything in between. 

1 Be a leader, not a follower

It takes true strategic vision to lead. As a CGMA, analysing and future-proofing an organisation will be second-nature. You’ll be well-versed in sharing your vision while managing others and playing an active role in the leadership of the business. 

1 Make a tangible difference

CGMAs learn about every aspect of the business. It’ll be your job to come up with ways to make a real difference — whether that’s advising managers about the financial implications of projects, or helping devise negotiation strategies. What you do every day will have a huge business impact. Not many people can say that. 

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