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CIMA has always been fully committed to providing fully flexible study. So, in May 2020, we launched online exams, making it possible for you to progress your career development from your own home.   

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The CIMA syllabus is designed to empower our students to make the most of their abilities. You'll learn the skills you need to be successful in business and finance, at whatever stage in your career you join us. 

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting 
(Cert BA)

The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA) is open to anyone, no matter your education, background, experience. It’ll help you discover your true business potential, teaching core business and finance skills beyond simple accounting. 

The Cert BA covers four subjects: Fundamentals of Business Economics; Fundamentals of Management Accounting; Fundamentals of Financial Accounting; and Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law.

A qualification in its own right, the Cert BA could also be the start of your CIMA journey: it’s a formal entry route into the CIMA Professional Qualification. 

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CIMA Professional Qualification

If the CIMA Professional Qualification sets out to do one thing, it’s this: to enhance your employability. Upon completion, you’ll have the skills, competencies and mindset that employers are looking for. 

The syllabus comprises three levels of achievement. You’ll start at the Operational level and move on to Management before culminating at the Strategic level. Throughout, you’ll study nine subjects from three areas of knowledge: Enterprise, Performance and Financial. To earn the Professional Qualification, you’ll need to complete all three levels – the average student takes around four years – and have three years of relevant practical experience under your belt. 

Sound challenging? It’s meant to be. But once you’ve finished, you’ll be a Chartered Global Management Accountant, capable of supporting and leading an organisation through an environment of constant change. And with the CGMA designation after your name, everyone will know how capable you are. 

Where to start

Have a degree in finance or business? Are you a student or member of the AAT? Hold an MBA or masters in accounting? You might be exempt from certain Cert BA or Professional Qualification exams, so you could qualify in less time than you think. CIMA exemptions are free, and always will be. 

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Tuition provider courses

If you like to learn with others, appreciate the support of having a tutor on-hand and benefit from the structure of formal study, look at signing up with a tuition provider. You’ll find online-only courses, classroom, and a mixture of both. Search for a course provider near you.  


Distance learning

Want to study in your own time, on your own terms? Choose when and where you study with – the only online learning resource reviewed and approved by CIMA, delivered in partnership with Kaplan.


Independent study

Study by yourself with official CIMA endorsed study texts, exam practice kits and revision cards. Your only cost will be the texts, materials and exam fees. Buy your learning material online. 


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